Integrated Project Delivery / Building Information Modeling

We create high quality design in the original idea.

In Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., BIM application of the “customer orientation” based on IPD is promoted for high quality building, taking notice of “front-loading” which has summarized the design in the early stage of a design, responding flexibly to complex environmental issues or the design request which changes every moment and obtaining consensus among participants in the project. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the change of the architectural design process for increasing satisfaction of clients.


1.BIM circle

We use the information continuously and effectively from design to construction and maintenance management.

BIM circle

2.BIM+BIMt=IPD (BIMt:Business Information Management)

We do not think that BIM is just the modeling technology of a building. We believe that it is important that we accomplish management-system and management-concept that sharing information among stakeholders makes a customer’s benefits the maximum with IPD concept.


3.Concurrent Design Processes

We realize the process innovation to front-loading and a concurrent design process, and shorten a design period.

Concurrent Design Processes

4.MLIT Aomi Building (the 2007 proposal specification)

At the project phase from design to construction as first BIM application trial project in Japan, We made various attempts, and we tested various effects.

Aomi Building   Aomi Building


In the basic design phase of determining design performance, we make an undecided element the minimum, and numerical validation is performed in an early design phase, therefore we determine the design which has grasped performance. And importing the method of FM, we would reduce the administrative and maintenance expense which occupies 75% of life cycle costs.

1. Landscape Simulation

1. Landscape Simulation

2. Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)

2. Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)

3. Environment Simulation (Thermal Environment)

3. Environment Simulation (Thermal Environment)

4. Illumination and Luminosity Simulation (Light Environment)

4. Illumination and Luminosity Simulation (Light Environment) width=

5. Life Cycle Cost (LCC/Energy Saving)

Life Cycle Cost

We think that the visualization of the project information gets rid of false setting with various aspects and the relationship of mutual trust between the client and the building industry will be increased. We also work on the utilization of BIM data at the construction stage including the 3D drawings those are totally combined with design, structure and MEP.

1. Integrated Model

We have already made trial of the utilization of BIM data for the 3D drawings those are totally combined with design, structure and MEP by some construction projects.

Integrated Model
Integrated Model

2. Facility Management(BIM&FM)

We think that the BIM data advanced ultimately will be able to use for FM. It will be able to use for facility management and maintenance effectively by using attribute data described for BIM data properly.




We are convinced that our technique and knowledge of BIM and our consulting about the change of design process those we accumulated for more than five years will surely be useful for the customers.

1. Three Keys Implementing for BIM

Key requirements for the use of BIM are: standardization, education and training, and procedure and rulemaking.

Three Keys Implementing for BIM

2. BIM Templates for Architectural Design(Trademark registration:5518019)

From our experience with BIM, we created a BIM design package called “BIM Templates for Architectural Design” in 2011, it is available for purchase. Sales has ended. ( May. 2018 )

BIM Templates for Architectual Design