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YASUI Architects Worldwide Contributions

The trademark of YASUI Architects’ extensive worldwide experience is manifest in our proven holistic approach to design. Particular to each site and to each architectural context, this holistic approach reflects our integral understanding of local contexts, environments and cultures.

Accordingly, these elements are intrinsically aimed at one single architectural whole, beyond the limits pure functionality. This approach procures to consolidate modern regional character through effective environmental design, in awareness of present and future social and environmental demands.

The technology required to create a building surpassing parameters of pure functionality, is the accumulated result of many years of design experience and innovation. Our sustained expertise is reflected in the broadest variety of architectural projects. These projects , include railway station, airports, hotels, offices, commercial complexes, large concert halls, museums and medical and welfare facilities and many others.

The application of the most modern environmental and safety engineering advancements is particularly manifest, among others, in our implementation of leading state of the art Japanese seismic isolation technologies.

Through our experience, we have developed methods providing optimal strategies to meet the particular needs of all customers, and guarantee the full satisfaction of all our clients.

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Case-1 Local corporate and governmental facilities in Myanmar.



Deciding that the building required concepts suitable for Myanmar’s leading bank, we planned the project around the following three basic concepts:

  1. Give the building a gently curved expression with emphasis on the horizontal lines of light shelves that moderate the strong sunshine of Myanmar, and create an environmentally-conscious design with lush green space and rooftop planting.
  2. For the facade, use curved glass surfaces and walls and foliage on the for a gentle and welcoming expression, combined with sweeping walls and a large gate structure for a grand expression befitting a bank.
  3. Create appealing spaces for users, but also make a plan with clear zoning between employee accommodation, a canteen, and other facilities, so the building is functional and easy to use for both users and staff.

Location / Naypyidaw Myanmar Owner / KBZ BANK Main use / Office Basic planning, designing and supervision / Yasui Architects & Engineers Site area / 4,600m² Building area / 1,559.57m² Total floor area / 7,440.97m² Number of stories / +7 Construction / Reinforced concrete

Case-2 Local corporate and governmental facilities in Vietnam.

Hanoi University of Science Campus master plan

Hanoi University of Science,

The Vietnamese government plans to combine a number of universities and research agencies which are situated in Hanoi, and move them to the outskirts of the city, to form a scientific research city of around 1,000 ha. The first phase of the project is Hanoi University of Science. More than simply a master plan for one university, we were asked to propose a design concept for a framework that could be extended to the whole site. We built an urban framework that gave significance to the three natural elements of the site, river, lake, and mountain, and arranged functions according to that framework.

■Hanoi University of Science Campus master plan
Location / Hanoi Vietnam Owner / Ministry of Construction, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Main use / University Master Planning / Yasui Architects & Engineers+VNCC Site area / 65 ha

Case-3 Local corporate and governmental facilities in China.

International Demonstration Project for Energy Consumption Efficiency Enhancement Systems and Technologies, Shanghai, China

Implementation document signing ceremony for the project

Using our design abilities, we design Japanese energy-saving devices and systems for overseas projects. In our advisory capacity, we extend and procure these devices and systems for use overseas.

In June, 2013, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. were jointly selected as the operators for the International Demonstration Project for Energy Consumption Efficiency Enhancement Systems and Technologies in Shanghai, China. The project was subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).Following a feasibility study (FS) by NEDO, we signed the implementation document (ID) with the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences in August 2014, and the demonstration project began. This Japan-China joint project will demonstrate energy saving in one building of a research facility that the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute is planning to build.

Case-4 Local corporate and governmental facilities in Asia and Europe.

Puruwakaruto station

Puruwakaruto station, Indonesia

The modernization of Purwokerto Station is a major component of Consulting Engineering Services for Detailed Design of Railway Double Tracking on Java South Line Project(III), funded by a loan plan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

By appointment of the secretary of Japan Transportation Consultants Inc. a joint venture formed by Oriental Consultants and four local Indonesian companies was established. This joint venture was entrusted with the execution of a comprehensive railway study and the design of the project. YASUI Architects under the joint venture contributed with a general study and plan organizing the basic construction and modernization of Purwokerto station.

The existing Purwokerto Station building has been designated as a heritage of Indonesia.
As result of our evaluation study, the new station building serves the functions of access and waiting area to accommodate future increases in passenger flow. Simultaneously, the existing station was preserved
as an important exiting gateway and heritage landmark as declared. Additionally, with the appropriate assessment of local architecture, we produced a report which included a proposal of arranging railway civil engineering technologies based on their particular qualities in the context of local climate and other prerogatives of the site.

■Purwokerto station modernization plan.
Location / Purwokerto, Indonesia The Employer / The Ministry of Transportation Directorate General Railways Structural / Steel Scale / 2nd floor Gross floor area / 5,000 m² Completion date / pending The Consultant / Joint Venture of Japan Transportation Consultants, Inc. (Japan) Oriental Consultants CO., LTD. (Japan) & PT.Inti Era Cipta (Indonesia), PT.Dardela Yasa Guna (Indonesia) PT.Rayakonsult (Indonesia), PT.Jaya CM Manggala Pratama(indonesia). Basic Planning / YASUI Architects & Engineers,Inc. The Contractor:TBD

Case-5 Local corporate and governmental facilities in China.


Puruwakaruto station, Indonesia

This is a residential area inhabited by foreign company workers, mainly from foreign-capital companies in Dalian. Our proposal for this redevelopment project was selected in a competitive process, as a proposal able to realize a“ Habitat heart unity” living environment concept that makes effective use of the height difference of the slopes.

The 31 completed buildings feel unified with nature, and draw on a fusion of Japanese, Western, and Chinese influences in their exterior designs. They form an independent residential area of the highest grade in the city.

Location / Dalian China Owner / Dalian Taoyuan Sanso Main use / Housing Construction designing / Yasui Architects & Engineers, Dalian University of Technology,Dalian Urban Construction Design and Research Institute Site area / 53,000m² Total floor area / 15,900,000m² Number of stories / +2,3 -1,2 Construction / Reinforced concrete

Case-6 Local corporate and governmental facilities in China.

School of Software technology, Dalian Univeristy of Technology

Dalian Univeristy of Technology

Planned as part of one of the leading Universities in Dalian, the School of software technology was the result of a joint international consultation venture between the Design Institute of Dalian University of Technology and YASUI Architects.

The design reflects the aspiration for the project to become the symbol of knowledge and information of the Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone. The campus design pleasantly compliments its green natural setting by stimulating a rich and innovative architectural environment. The deep integration with the surrounding natural landscape stimulates its symbolism as an “Eco Media Campus”.

■School of software technology, Dalian University of Technology.
Location / Dalian, China Client / Dalian University of Technology. Completion / 2004. Construction Area / 55,600 m² Characteristics / Five floors above ground. Structure / Reinforced concrete.Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone. Basic Design / The Design Istitute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of D U T, in collaboration with YASUI Architects .

Case-7 Grand Prize at the International Competition.

Tangshan Olympics Center<International Competition 2012>

Tangshan Olympics Center

This was our entry for an international design contest for a large-scale sports facility in Tangshan,
China. It consists of a stadium, gymnasium, pool, and tennis courts

  1. The stadium must be a symbolic building for the pride of Tangshan, using ceramics, a historic product of the city, in its outer
  2. This must be a world-class futuristic facility, treasuring the global environment. For example, the gymnasium, swimming center, and other facilities form a solar farm, with solar cells across the entire roof area and high sidelights.
  3. These elements must be joined together with verdant spaces that are always bustling with people. We used trees arranged in an arc of space between two buildings as an effective method of natural ventilation.Together with the surrounding area, it must be a lush, park-like facility.

■Tangshan Olympics Center<International Competition 2012>
Location / Tangshan China Main use / Stadium, Swimming pool, Tennis courts Total floor area / 170,000m²

Case-8 Grand Prize at the International Competition

Planning For the 12th National Games Reception Center, Liaoning<International Competition 2010>

12th National Games Reception Center

This was a competitive proposal of an architectural plan for a development master plan and hospitality center area for a site of approximately 610 ha, to host the 12th National Games of the People’s Republic of China. Our proposal incorporated the three basic concepts of harmony between people and nature, harmony between people, and harmony between diverse regions and ethnicities.

  1. We carefully observed the natural environment of the planned site and the characteristics of its mountain, to produce a plan that responded to that unique character and harmonized with nature.
  2. While making a tight security plan for the hospitality center area, we also planned to allow the general public to enjoy the natural environment and the developed facilities to the full. We thoroughly applied these two basic policies as our consistent approach through proposals for the master plan, transport plan, and individual building plans.

■Planning For the 12th National Games Reception Center, Liaoning <International Competition 2010>
Location / Liaoning China Owner / Liaoning Main use / Guesthouse, Conference center, Hotel, Sports center, Residential, Golf Construction designing and supervision / Yasui Architects & Engineers, China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., LTD. Dalian University Technology Software Institute Site area / 550,000m²(total)

Case-9 Japanese corporate facilities in Europe.

Certain company Netherlands Plant

This project is the construction of an overseas Japanese factory complex in Europe and construction was carried out in two phases. The basic design and construction supervision were all carried out by YASUI Architects.

■Certain company Netherlands Plant
Location / Geleen city, Limburg Province, The Netherlands. Completion date / April, 2010. Basic design and construction supervision / Yasui Architects. Construction / Takenaka Europe GmbH.

Case-10 Japanese corporate facilities in Southeast Asia.

Certain company Thailand Plant

Upon the design and construction of the local production plant of a Certain company in Thailand, an integral design supervision was consequently executed by Yasui Architects.

Open Requests for Quotations were extended to multiple companies simultaneously. Both local and Japanese companies were included in the request, in order to review and select the best contractors. The central goal in this important selection process is, always, the assured protection of our client’s local and overseas interests.

■Certain company Thailand Plant.
Location / Saraburi province, Thailand. Completion date / January, 2013. Basic Design and construction supervision / Yasui Architects. Final design & Construction / Tectonics Architects Co.,

Case-11 Japanese corporate facilities in China and Korea.

GLORY LTD., Suzhou, China


This project includes the construction of a Japanese overseas factory complex, located within a leading industrial park on the outskirts of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The first and second construction phases are completed while the third phase was under construction as of February, 2013.

In this project, YASUI Architects was responsible for the design, construction, and supervision of all three phases of the project. Our design firm has the explicit commitment to deliver the same strict schedule compliance and quality standards used for similar projects in Japan. To further consolidate this goal, we formalized a close cooperation partnership with the Design Institute of China, thus guaranteeing the smooth development of all business operations.

In the critical bidding process to select reliable local construction companies and systems, we implement strict Japanese construction standards. Both the first and second phases of construction were executed by Japanese construction companies, while the third phase was undertaken by a local construction company, based in Suzhou, China.

■GLORY LTD., Suzhou, China
Location / Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Client / GLORY LTD., Suzhou, China. Structure / Two stories (reinforced concrete). Construction area / 10,000m². Completion date / Spring 2013. Design and construction supervision / Yasui Architects.