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Project Management / Construction Management

The role of the architect farm does not remain for a building design. We stand in thesituation of the customer while making use of conventional know-how and provide a various promotion plan of the project. We manage cost and term of works within a budget and a schedule and do advice to add value to the project. We support the client without sometimes designing it.

Solution Keyword

【Domestic project】
Project management (PM) / Construction management(CM) / Asset management / support(AM) / IPD
    design build / efficiency, Rational ordering technique / cost cut
【Overseas project】
Basic plant / Rearrangement of ordering condition / Various advisory
Case-1 Business matching in realty and energy

Resorttrust, Inc.“ Nasu Shirakawa Mega Solar” Power Plant

Nasu Shirakawa Mega Solar” Power Plant

This is our solutions business for social problems, through operations such as consulting on the effective use of realty, support for M&A in the solar power generation business, and consulting on new energy regeneration business.

This project installed 8,320 solar panels (for a total panel area of 13,200m²) on a 255,000m² plot of unused land adjoining the golf course on Resorttrust’s XIV Nasu Shirakawa resort in Nishigo village, Fukushima Prefecture. It is expected to generate a maximum output of approximately 2MW, and its annual power generation will be equivalent to annual consumption for around 500 average households. Resorttrust, Inc. is actively engaged in highly persistent CSRactivities, such as efforts to protect and make effective use of limited resources, care for the environment, and social contribution. Our Nagoya office took the central role, in partnership with the“ environmental office” to realize the project by establishing and building up expertise in mega solar projects using the renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT), while advancing the management of the project and collaborating with Resorttrust.

Case-2 Spreading Japanese energy-saving devices and systems overseas

International Demonstration Project for Energy Consumption Efficiency Enhancement Systems and Technologies, Shanghai, China

International Demonstration Project for Energy Consumption Efficiency Enhancement Systems and Technologies, Shanghai, China

Using our design abilities, we design Japanese energy-saving devices and systems for overseas projects. In our advisory capacity, we extend and procure these devices and systems for use overseas.。

In June, 2013, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., and Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. were jointly selected as the operators for the International Demonstration Project for Energy Consumption Efficiency Enhancement Systems and Technologies in Shanghai, China. The project was subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).Following a feasibility study (FS) by NEDO, we signed the implementation document (ID) with the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences in August 2014, and the demonstration project began. This Japan-China joint project will demonstrate energy saving in one building of a research facility that the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute is planning to build.

Case-3 Supporting overseas project / Promising quality equivalent to Japan in the foreign countries

Puruwakaruto station, Indonesia

Puruwakaruto station, Indonesia

The modernization of Purwokerto Station is a major component of Consulting Engineering Services for Detailed Design of Railway Double Tracking on Java South Line Project(III), funded by a loan plan from the
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

By appointment of the secretary of Japan Transportation Consultants Inc. a joint venture formed by Oriental Consultants and four local Indonesian companies was established. This joint venture was entrusted with the execution of a comprehensive railway study and the design of the project. YASUI Architects under the joint venture contributed with a general study and plan organizing the basic construction and modernization of Purwokerto station.

The existing Purwokerto Station building has been designated as a heritage of Indonesia.

As result of our evaluation study, the new station building serves the functions of access and waiting area to accommodate future increases in passenger flow. Simultaneously, the existing station was preserved
as an important exiting gateway and heritage landmark as declared. Additionally, with the appropriate assessment of local architecture, we produced a report which included a proposal of arranging railway civil
engineering technologies based on their particular qualities in the context of local climate and other prerogatives of the site.

Case-4 From the stage of design and supervision to CM / Keeping transparency of flow of building cost

Nidec Nagano Technical Center

Nidec Nagano Technical Center

For the purpose of keeping transparency of flow of building cost, performing severe process control against a subsidy and/or the development creation construction surely, and ensuring the quality such as clean rooms of class 100 surely again, CM method was adopted.

Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. is in charge of a design supervision for the building design, a basic design of structure and M&E, CM for a construction and a detailed design. Major construction company which is selected by the total evaluation method will be awarded the package of a detailed design, a supervision and a construction.

The client could start development creation construction during a detailed design period by ordering development creation construction and a detailed design to the construction company at the same time and was able to shorten a construction period eventually. In addition, they could complete the project without any increase or decrease of the building cost against the design changes by our VE proposals.

Case-5 Supporting the project by CM / Supporting the construction by donation and the project by CM

Suita City Soccer Stadium

Suita City Stadium

CM method was adopted to secure transparency in all processes of the project. In addition, high equitableness was required for the selection of the design builder besides the purpose for which money is spent, definiteness and rationality because it is built with the donations from many supporters and sponsors.

One company is selected among the plural candidates after the examination of the proposals by the outside professionals, and the result and the comment by them on the submitted proposals are shown in the HP of the client. Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. will manage cost, quality, and the schedule strictly as CMr (construction manager) as from the design stage.

In addition to the scheme which is the construction with the donation, this project is attracted attention from the viewpoint of coexistence between stadium and local area and environmental formation. We are asked for the ability to integrate the wisdom of the client, the design builder and many people concerned and will meet this steadily.

Case-6 Project advisory / Conducting potential investigation of the site

RISONA Bank Noda Branch・Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Branch

RISONA Bank Noda BranchRISONA Bank Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Branch

It is the project to sell the real estate to the construction company with the proviso that the Bank builds the building and rents the space for the branch office in the building.

We executed an investigation into prior site potential and a study of the building which we could plan, an evaluation of the proposal from the construction company, a design, application and a affirmation of cost and the process, confirmation of details and the progress of works performed in the construction stage, a call to inspection and after-sale service, the assessment of cost for the addition change to secure the quality of the building.

Case-7 Real estate investment and the CM / Providing ER and the tenant design

Tenjin Prime

Tenjin PrimeTenjin Prime

For office buildings planned in Tenjin that was a central city area of Fukuoka-shi, we executed verification of building and interior design details and supervision done by third party, assessment of building cost from a design stage until building application after the completion.

We received an order of CM business on a design and the construction of the extension from the owner of the adjoining land while doing a construction of building.

Because this building was planned to be resold during construction, we received an order of making the ER (engineering report), moreover design and supervision work for the bank that move into the building as a tenant.

Change of the design process

Application example  →  BIM

Change of the design process


By the BIM utilization with a viewpoint of IPD, a design process changes from a conventional “sequence model” to “a concurrent type” in practices. It will be performed in parallel and comprehensively not only a business plan, a building design (unification of design, structure, M&E element) and an environmental design but also a cost plan and a plan of the facility management, and developed it for adjustment with the production and the construction and also various management.

BIM model suitable for store variations

BIM model suitable for store variations

Convenience store BIM model construction

Convenience store BIM model construction

Targets for convenience store BIM

Targets for convenience store BIM

BIM application business

In this business, we use BIM technology to support the client in areas such as creating approximate estimate systems, creating systems for the efficient propagation of design information, and linkage between 3D printers and building production.

Standardizing convenience store design information and creating overall design management methods

Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. is working on this project in partnership with JM Corporation, designing new stores for a major convenience store chain. Using our long experience and technical ability as an organizational design office, and our record as an early adopter of BIM in our own design work, we provide the following support. Our aims are to ensure design quality, shorten design time, and save construction costs and time through supply of materials.

  • Checking and organization of the process leading from store design to order placement
  • Assistance with the classification and organization of all existing store patterns
  • Advice on how to review the composition of ordering diagrams and eliminate duplicated work, to produce streamlined and high-quality design diagrams
  • Formulation of proposals for BIM model development policies, for quick and efficient revision of standard drawings for store patterns

Unification of data creation methods, use of BIM software functions, rule formulation for parts This work built a BIM model creation method for each store variation, as illustrated below.

  1. Select the base store pattern to use
  2. Switch between L and R layout within that base, and prepare in advance
  3. Select the structural frame and parts to handle snow and wind loads
  4. Make substitutions of toilets and plumbing facilities etc., which vary with local authority ordinances and instructions, for each room

BIM models organized in this way greatly reduced the numbers of parts and files subject to revision, enabling instant handling of even intricate monthly specification revisions. The change helped to raise working time efficiency and stabilize quality.