Living with COVID-19

Our society was greatly affected by the world-wide pandemic of COVID-19, and by tackling the unknown, we have learned a great deal. Not only have we learned about infection prevention and hygiene measures, but we have also learned about how to intelligently overcome social issues that COVID-19 revealed and how to create a sustainable society expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe, by precisely designing our desirable future, we could give birth to new architecture and district that “encourage people and cities.”

Measures to Infectious Disease Facilities

What is important for medical facilities that operate 24/7, 365 days a year, are cleanliness, safety, energy management, and maintenance. Especially for measures against infectious disease, a range of high-level facility management would be required. We endeavor to conduct facility planning that prevents the spread of infectious disease and streamline medical treatment along with suppressing stress, while maximizing utilization of existing equipment.

Medical facility planning for the future

We reaffirmed that health is crucial for the individual and for the maintenance of society, which should be achieved and sustained by the whole community. We expect that future medical facilities would naturally tie into daily life in society and thus be required to improve further to become a facility that supports the urban function. It is also important to make the facility capable of welcoming patients with care and maintains safe and comfortable operations for health care workers.

Digitally addressing the New Normal

To create new value and enriching society, it is essential to understand various phenomena objectively and predict them with accuracy. Digital technologies allow us to quantify and visualize the characteristics and the effects of the invisible and the non-existing. Using technologies like BIM to share architectural information models prior to construction and “Panorama Memo” for facility management during and after construction is one of the ways to execute effective simulation and management.

Advisory for infectious disease prevention in assembly halls

Gathering is a fundamental part of society, and thus facilities for assemblies like concert halls are spaces for inspiration and communication. For a safe and comfortable user experience in those facilities, we support the planning of infectious disease countermeasures. Using our experience in medical facilities and utilizing digital technologies, we are confident to give the best advice.

Blended office with high level of safety and productivity

The megatrends related to office spaces that are rapidly accelerating are work style reform, ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building), and DX (Digital Transformation). All of these trends support intellectual productivity, and they were proved to be effective approaches amidst the COVID-19 crisis. To obtain diverse forms and options of working styles, we will realize workplaces that integrate sensitivity and technology by making use of the flexibility and convenience that “the real” and “the virtual” each possess.

Safe and secure education facility for children

Children are the driving force in creating new forms of city and society, and continuously updating those foundations with vigor. Therefore, we believe it is ideal to consistently connect children’s learning environment to its city and society. Our ambition is to plan an education facility where children can be constantly looked after, with its architecture linked physically to the city and digitally to the society, ensuring a safe and sound environment both physically and emotionally.

Management that elevates community strength

Community strength is an essential factor for overcoming various calamities, including the recent COVID-19 crisis. We believe it is important to strengthen this power through connecting individuals to the community, which is indispensable for urban development. We program and manage such efforts as rediscovering an excellent environment and its value, and introducing, maintaining, and improving new sociocultural activities.