International Projects

In our overseas operations, we use the knowledge and experience accumulated in Japan as the base for collaboration with partners in other countries on numerous projects. We are building up an extensive record of diverse projects in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Myanmar, and elsewhere.
When Japanese companies expand their operations overseas, they are challenged by local building production systems that are very different from those in Japan. We run projects under our own unique program, in collaboration with our local design partners, in order to support Japanese customers in advancing and expanding overseas with peace of mind.

Southeast Asia

We have opened Ho Chi Minh Office and Yasui Sekkei Vietnam as our local company in Hanoi. It functions as our base for Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, giving us an organization able to carry out projects.

Other Regions

In addition to our Taiwan Branch and Yasui Sekkei Vietnam in Vietnam, we collaborate with local design partners to form an organization able to advance projects in the same way as we do in Japan.

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