Suntory Hall

Minato-ku, Tokyo

Suntory Hall

The concert hall with the world’s most beautiful reverberation

Suntory Hall, which opened in October 1986 in pursuit of “the world’s most beautiful reverberation,” was the first hall built in Japan in the vineyard style, based on the advice of the conductor, the late Herbert von Karajan. He said that “Music is made when the performers and the public come together and enjoy it with shared delight.” Since then, Suntory Hall has been making history and generating value as a specialist hall for classical music. Suntory Hall has been supported for over 30 years after its opening by a regular meeting of the architectural and building services designers, acoustic designers, operators, managers, and builders. That activity goes beyond maintenance and continuation, in a cycle of actions that generate an upward spiral of value and lead to constant growth. The facility operation work by these participants has contributed to musical culture over many years, and in 2019 it was recognized with the Architectural Institute of Japan Award (Achievement) and the BELCA Award. In 2020, we have provided appropriate advice for COVID-19 countermeasure planning from an architectural point of view. And in 2021, “The Story of Suntory Hall ~ In Pursuit of the World’s Most Beautiful Sound,” was published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Shoichi Sano (1921-2014), who led the design of Suntry Hall.

Suntory Holdings Ltd.
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Design (architectural, building services): Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc. Design (structure): Irie Miyake Architects and Engineers Design (acoustics): Nagata Acoustics
Naoomi Kurozumi


AIJ Prize 2019 (Practical Achievement Division) The 28th BELCA Award 2017 Good Lighting Award JIA Twenty-Five Year Award 2012 The 5th Design Award for Light and Lighting


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