Kyoto Honnou Nursing Home for The Aged And Kyoto Municipal / Horikawa Senior High School Honnou Gakusha

Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Kyoto Honnou Nursing Home for The Aged And Kyoto Municipal / Horikawa Senior High School Honnou Gakusha

Spatial design to encourage community interaction in the city

This multi-purpose facility combines an open welfare facility for the elderly and a traditional high school building, which will carry on urban development on the site of an elementary school close to Honnoji temple in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto. Making this into a multi-purpose facility provided a place to nurture abundant humanity in high school students, and made it highly transparent and approachable as a center for community and welfare in the district.
We listened to the opinions of local people, starting in the design process, and built zushi alleyways on the site to achieve interaction and dialog with local residents. These characteristic alleyway spaces are a familiar features of Kyoto town and are used as spaces that anyone can casually step into. The building design incorporates a tiled roof and lattices, out of consideration for the scenery and street appearance of Kyoto. Using the character of the Honno district, where many residents have engaged in dyeing as a cottage industry, we expressed local character by making noren shop curtains into visual signs in the interior.

Educational Facilities
Medical and Welfare Facilities
Living with COVID-19
JIA Award for Excellence, 2006
Good Design Award 2007
The 41st SDA Award
The 40th SDA Award
The 2005 Kansai Award for Light and Lighting
AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2008

Work data

Kyoto City
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Reinforced concrete, partly steel structure
Number of floors
5 above-ground levels, 1 basement level
Total Floor Area
August 2005
Building Use
Special elderly nursing home, senior high school
Design and supervision: Kyoto Urban Planning Bureau, Public Buildings Division, Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc.
Photo Credit
SS Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Tsuda
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