Medical Co. Lta Fukuoka Mirai Hospital

Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Medical Co. Lta Fukuoka Mirai Hospital

A major center for rehabilitation, oriented to Asia

A new hospital development has begun, with the ultimate goal of becoming “the best rehabilitation hospital in Japan.” Shin-Yoshizuka Hospital, which have contributed to community medical care in Fukuoka City, was relocated and rebuilt because the original building was showing its age. The hospital’s name was changed at the same time. This plan aimed to strengthen advanced and multi-functional rehabilitation functions. The planned site is part of an artificial island off Wajiro, to the north of Hakata Port. This development was part of the “Fukuoka Health City Future City Concept,” which links facilities related to health, medical treatment, and welfare, such as Fukuoka Children’s Hospital. It is expected to help to strengthen medical core functions, including in Asia.
The whole building is a place for rehabilitation
The architectural plan included the development of seeing and being seen, for the purpose of motivating patients for their rehabilitation, in order to realize the hospital’s policy of “providing advanced rehabilitation.” The sun-filled atrium, the rehabilitation center that’s continuous across two levels, and other elements are expanded as the overall concept, into measures to heighten intellectual curiosity and self-healing ability. We believe giving patients many options for places produces optimum rehabilitation for mind and body, and leads to smooth return to society, and that idea led to the spatial composition.

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Work data

Medical Co. Lta
Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Columns, reinforced concrete beams, steel structure
Number of floors
7 above-ground levels
Total Floor Area
May 2015
Building Use
Photo Credit
Shashin tsushin Co., Ltd. Teruyuki Yawata
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