The design for the highest control tower in Japan fully utilizing our previous experiences

May 27, 2022 Technology
Photo : photo: SS Co., Ltd.

The control tower is where the air traffic controller provides various operations for the safety of the sky and the airport, from the takeoff and landing of aircraft to their parking after landing. We have worked on six high-rise control towers above 60m, including the old and the new Tokyo International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, and Naha Airport, which is the second-highest tower.
What the air traffic controllers demand the most from the control tower is visibility. In addition, since many of the airports in Japan are built on the seaside, the control towers require measures for soft ground as well as for reducing the oscillation caused by wind to improve the comfortableness in the towers and prevent motion sickness.
Control towers are operated under a global standard, and they cannot stop operations even in an emergency, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. We are now working on designing the new control tower for Narita International Airport with our accumulated knowledge.

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