Corporate Message

Encouraging people and cities.

Management Philosophy

Yasui Architects & Engineers materializes what clients and society need in the most appropriate ways through highly reliable professional approaches to architectural creation developed through our long history from the beginning to today.

We believe that architecture in its embodied forms and processes developed inside them will enrich communities and societies and encourage people.

With such a hope in our minds, we continue to work closely with people and society, while contributing to the future.

Message from President Yoshihiko Sano

Yasui Architects & Engineers was established in 1924. We’ll celebrate our 100th anniversary soon and have been consistently creating architecture while engaging in elaborate dialogues with society and clients. From now on, we will continue to elaborate the concept of new architecture and conceive new formal expressions, technologies and wisdoms through our various services including architectural design, construction supervision and project management, both in and outside of Japan. We take great pride in engaging in such works, while continually making efforts to improve ourselves.

Architecture has moved people’s hearts, has given people hope at various scenes in society, and has caused changes in each era. Throughout all eras in our history, humans have continually thought about the best way to realize an ideal society and have made efforts to develop technologies further. In these efforts, architects played the role of giving architecture reliable “forms” so that humans could utilize it wisely. While our stance on that role remains the same, we are aware that clear and reliable foresight provided by an organization comprising professionals from diverse fields including architects will be the key in the upcoming era of radical changes. Yasui Architects & Engineers are fully committed to serving the best interests of people and our society. We have diverse information sources and networks, and our experienced staff explore issues at hand in depth in order to provide the most appropriate proposals as well as to create new value. We will keep you informed of our latest developments.

Profile of Yasui Architects & Engineers

In 1924, Takeo Yasui (1884–1955) became independent from Yasushi Kataoka’s architectural firm and established Takeo Yasui Architects in Osaka. Some of his early works including the Osaka Club Building (1924), the Osaka Gas building (Osaka Gas headquarters, 1923), and the Nihonbashi Nomura Building (Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. headquarters building, 1930) are well maintained in their original states and still actively used today. Takeo Yasui’s active career coincided with the time when Modern architecture prevailed throughout the world. Yasui was well aware of this movement and conceived architectural works exploring Japan’s originality based on the style he termed as the “free style.” On the other hand, Yasui also worked as an engineer for the South Manchuria Railroad Co., Ltd. for ten years (1910–1919) and designed buildings including Manchuria Railroad Central Laboratory (1915) in Dalian, which is well preserved and actively used today.

In 1951, the office was reorganized as Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., which is our current company. After Takeo Yasui passed away, Toshimichi Mikuni took over. He was later succeeded by Shoichi Sano (1921–2014), who served as President for many years. In addition to his active career as an architect, Shoichi Sano focused on providing highly reliable services to clients and improving the company’s organization as an architectural design firm. He developed unprecedented building types in many of his built works including the former Japanese National Railways station building series (Himeji and Tennoji), Terminal building of Osaka International Airport (Itami), and Suntory Hall.

Masanobu Kunugiza(1922–), the successor to Shoichi Sano, was appointed President in 1989 and actively promoted urban scale projects. Since 1997, Yoshihiko Sano has been serving as President and has been focusing on providing diverse services which transcend the conventional framework of architectural design and creating new value.


Yasui Architects & Engineers,Inc. has been making full use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) as a fundamental tool of business since 2007.
BIM is not limited to use for design work. It is much more effective in communication tool among architect, client and society. We believe BIM will guide architect and every professionals in building process to new success. BIM as distinguished hero opens the big future.
Through almost 90 years history, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. has been attaching importance to quality-based design. It is based on information integration of design and engineering, appropriate operation of project delivery and high level of design. It will bring about desirable solution of urban issues.
We believe “good design” comes from “good process control”. Appropriate and complete integration of building information lead society to best form.


  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Equipment Engineering, Energy Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning and Landscape Design
  • Urban planning, Regional Design
  • Consulting, Due Diligence
  • Construction Management, Property Management, Facility Management
  • Computer Rendering/3D Capability
  • Community Outreach