Laguna Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort

Gamagori-shi, Aichi
Laguna Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort

Futuristic Luxury, floating on water

This members-only hotel was developed by Resorttrust Inc. Based on the concept of “Futuristic Luxury,” we created an innovative luxury space of a kind never seen before. The building is a total of 400 m long, and is placed to follow the curve of the shoreline. Created with a complex spatial composition and structural system, including a broad 138-m-wide opening facing the sea and two expanses of water, its form combines elegance with dynamism. Appearing to float on the water surface, it has a feeling of unity with the sea. Its 193 guest rooms, lounge, spas, restaurants, and other areas are designed with sparkling materials and organic curves, which generate effects such as reflection and transparency. The gently curving movement routes and the ceaseless variation in the views before people moving along them inspire an uplifting feeling. The design lets occupants experience new spaces that integrate architectural space with interior, in ways that set this hotel apart from all others.

Hotel and Resorts Facilities
The 51st Chubu Architectural Award
DSA 2019, selected for “Best 100”

Work data

Resorttrust, Inc.
Gamagori-shi, Aichi
Reinforced concrete, partly steel structure, and partly steel reinforced concrete structure
Number of floors
7 above-ground levels, 1 basement level
Total Floor Area
January 2019
Building Use
Membership-only resort hotel
Interior design: Tanseisha
Interior design cooperation: AB Concept
Photo Credit
Naoomi Kurozumi, Nacása & Partners Inc., SS Co., Ltd., Resorttrust, Inc.
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