Panasonic Stadium SUITA

Suita-shi, Osaka
Panasonic Stadium SUITA

Built with donated funding to embody much wisdom and thought

The CM method was adopted to ensure transparency in the entire project. As the project was to be built using contributions from numerous supporters and sponsors, we were expected to ensure a high level of fairness in the selection of designers, in addition to
clarity and rationality in the use of the funds. A panel of external experts scrutinized proposals from multiple candidates and selected one company, and the results and the assessments of all submitted proposals were published on the client’s website. Now,
with construction under way, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. is strictly managing costs, quality, and schedule as the CMr (Construction Manager). As the stadium construction was financed with donations, it is attracting close attention from the
perspectives of environment formation and coexistence between the stadium and the community. This is an opportunity for use to apply our ability and our experience, built up over many years, to integrate knowledge from the client, the designer-builder, and many other stakeholders.

Sports and Recreational Facilities
Management Business
Project Business Promotion
The 18th Public Buildings Award, Award for Excellence *
JIA Award for Excellence, 2018 *
The 59th BCS Award *
The 29th Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan Award, Facilities Commendation Award
2016 Osaka Environmentally Friendly Architecture Award*
CM Award 2017, Award for Excellence
*application from project-related person

Work data

Stadium Construction Fund-raising Group
Suita-shi, Osaka
Reinforced concrete, precast, and steel structure
Number of floors
6 above-ground levels
Total Floor Area
September 2015
Building Use
CMr: Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc.
Design: Takenaka Corporation
Photo Credit
Gamba Osaka
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