Kyushu Japan Railway Company Kumamoto Station

Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Kyushu Japan Railway Company Kumamoto Station

A remarkable station to be proud of Kumamoto

The exterior wall incorporates the curvature of Mushagaeshi (a curved stone basement structure of a Japanese castle designed to deter invaders), seen in the basement stone structure of Kumamoto Castle, and expresses the strong and beautiful dignity suitable for the gateway of Kumamoto. Resembling the country’s longest stone wall, the exterior of the station has a long, beautiful appearance with a distinctive rhythm in height.

The city of Kumamoto is rich in green—reputed as “Mori-no-Miyako” (city of green) by the famous novelist, Soseki Natsume. The roof structure above the platform formed with fine woodwork makes one feel as if standing under the trees, providing a peaceful feel and sense of arrival.

Transportation Facilities
The Best Association Award of the 64th Association of Railway Architects Award

Work data

Kyushu Railway Company
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Reinforced concrete, partly steel, and timber structure
Number of floors
2 above-ground levels
Total Floor Area
September 2019
Building Use
Station building
Design plan: Tadao Ando Architect and Associates
Design (building): Kyushu Railway Company, Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc.,
Design (structure, building services): Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc.,
Supervision: Kyushu Railway Company
Photo Credit
West Japan Photo Studio
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