Tokyo Metropolitan Shibuya Joint Government Building

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Shibuya Joint Government Building

A smart government building with plenty of nature

The new building houses Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Tax Office and the Service Station for the Waterworks Bureau. Despite being in the urban center, the site is located between two of the largest green grounds in Tokyo: Meiji Jingu on the west and Shinjuku Gyoen on the northeast. We installed green walls on the balconies on the east and the west elevations to supplement unsatisfiable green surface area requirements on the ground, but at the same time giving the exterior a unique look. We also used wood from Tama region for the balconies’ eaves to cover the facade with natural material, in an aim to create a green network that connects the building with the surroundings. In order to reduce environmental load, wind catchers and natural ventilation windows are implemented to take in the prevailing wind along the street and induce natural airflow. Just as Shibuya City holds up an ideal “a city that turns differences into strength,” we also aimed at turning the uniqueness of the site into characteristics of the building.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Studio Bauhaus

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