Nagasaki Stadium City

Nagasaki City, Nagasaki

Nagasaki Stadium City

A Mixed-use Complex with a “Circular Structure”

A project to develop a complex of arena, office, commercial, and hotel facilities centered on a soccer stadium, led by the private sector. The ongoing project features various world-first creations proposed there in Nagasaki, including facilities meticulously designed from the visitors’ perspective, expansive spaces open to people’s lives, a structure that creates circulation throughout the facility, and environmental considerations for the next generation.

Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nagasaki City, Nagasaki
Schematic Design: Joint venture of Environmental Design Institute and Yasui Architects & Engineers Design Development: Joint venture of Environmental Design Institute, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Takenaka Corporation, Toda Corporation, and Matsuo Construction
Provision: Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd. *The design is subject to change as the project is still in the conceptual stage.

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