President’s Message

We, Yasui Architects & Engineers, will celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2024. We will continue to work toward making significant progress forward from that milestone year, drawing on the rich individuality and inspiration of our employees. We believe architecture has the power to encourage people and cities. We have been communicating this as an important message because architecture can bring energy, courage, and joy to the clients, designers, builders, and all others involved in the process of realization, as well as to the local community. We are engaged in enhancing the value of society through architecture and its process. As an important element to add to the value of society, Yasui Architects & Engineers has been an early adopter of BIM in our architectural design and has contributed to its further spread and establishment in the industry. BIM is an effective tool in its ability to connect and utilize data not only for improving work efficiency but also for solving urban problems including environmental issues and developing local communities. We will further pursue BIM to open up a bright future for our community. Until today , we have accumulated much experience and knowledge. In order to create new value, however, we will even accelerate our efforts for a better society by further refining our creativity and integrating a wide range of expertise. We look forward to working with you.

Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.
President & CEO

Yoshihiko Sano

Yoshihiko Sano's Profile

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1954, he grew up in Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science in 1979. Completed a Master’s degree at the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science in 1981. Joined Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. in 1986.
He has been the President of Yasui Architects & Engineers since 1997.
He has served in the following positions: President, Japan Association of Architectural Firms; President, Osaka Association of Architectural Firms; Vice President and International Committee Chair, The Japan Institute of Architects; President, The Architectural Association of Japan; Jury member of the Architectural Institute of Japan prizes; Commissary General Director, Japan Organizing Board for UIA 2011 Tokyo; Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology.
He currently holds the following positions: Director, Tokyo University of Science; Chairman, BIM Education & Extension Organization ; President, NPO Toride Art Project Office; Chairman, Osaka Architect Corporate Pension Fund; Chairman, Osaka Architect Health Insurance Association; Supervisor, DOCOMOMO Japan; Supervisor, JIA-KIT Architectural Archives; Director, Organizing Committee, Hirakawacho Musics; Visiting Professor at Department of Architecture, Dalian University of Technology; Visiting Professor, Shenyang Jianzhu University; Distinguished Visiting Professor, Inje University; Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, and others.
He has received the Minister of Land, Transport and Tourism Award 2011; Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects; Honorary Fellowship of the Korea Institute of Architects; Architectural Institute of Japan Prize 2019 (Practical Achievement Division) and Medal with Yellow Ribbon 2022.


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