Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Building Design and Supervision
Building planning, surveying and concept
Visual design
Interior plan
Structural design
Environmental and building services design
Landscape design
Cost plan
Construction supervision: third-party supervision
City Plan
Surveys related to city and district plans
Land use plan
District plan
Redevelopment plan
Traffic plan
City facilities plan
Scenic plan
Environmental assessment
Lifestyle design research
IPD / BIM promotion
Various calculations
Image processing: CAD / CG
GIS: geographic information system
BIM consultant
Program development
Development of information sharing tools


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Environmental Design
Use of renewable energy
Energy-saving technology
Environment simulation
CASBEE assessment
Energy management
Project management: PM
Construction management: CM
Property management: PrM
Public advisory work: PFI / PPP
Supervisory work: design / visual design / supervision
BCP: Business continuity planning, support
Facility Management
Stock management
Life cycle management
Medium to long-term maintenance planning
Renewal, Surveying, Diagnosis
Seismic resistance diagnosis and surveying of existing facilities
Renewal planning
Remodeling design, reinforcement design
Surveying and soil analysis
Geological survey and analysis
Surveys and analysis related to civil engineering plans

Yasui Facilities, Inc.

Property Management
Realty agency
Asset utilization
Building management
Building Data Management
Preparation of various presentations
Preparation of implementation and construction drawings
Template preparation
BIM-related education and seminar events

Yasui Sekkei Vietnam, Ltd.

Architectural design consulting service for civil engineering and industrial construction
Investment consulting
General management consulting
Translation and interpreting services
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