Passing Value to the Next Generation

We propose optimum refurbishment methods adapted to the customer’s needs, such as seismic resistance performance improvement, life cycle cost reduction, IT application, and energy saving, and raise asset value by extending the lifespans and increasing the added value of owned buildings and realty.
In facility management, which pursues the ideal forms of managed fixed assets (land, buildings, building services, fixtures, etc.), we always combine a comprehensive view of facilities as a whole with a long-term view of adaptation to future changes. That perspective enables us to provide wide-ranging support and proposals adapted to the client’s management strategies and challenges.

Preservation and Use of Historic Buildings

We contribute to scenic preservation and the cultural advancement of communities by promoting the conservation and full use of historic buildings. Thus, buildings that have diminished in functionality over time or through changes in usage can be refurbished rather than replaced, based on comprehension of their multi-faceted value, by adapting them to the needs of the times and raising their seismic resistance.

Large-scale and Ongoing Remodeling

We raise the value of large-scale facilities of high public benefit by renovating them to suit the needs of the times, including the owner’s business plans, user convenience, application of data communications, and barrier-free design.

Regenerating Value Through Repurposing

We regenerate existing buildings and raise their added value by changing their applications and fully remodeling them for their new purposes. We also fully consider environmental aspects by, for example, leaving existing structures in place wherever possible.

Regeneration for Increased Value

We remodel buildings for enhanced disaster readiness performance while accommodating their various requirements, such as preserving exterior appearance, avoiding major impediment to internal functions, keeping the building in use through construction work, and using construction methods adapted to design appearance.

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