JR Kyushu Employee Training Center

Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka

JR Kyushu Employee Training Center

“Mile Zero”—A Training Center as a Foundation for Connecting People, Skills, and Ideals to the Future

Functioning as a “starting station, ” the JR Kyushu Employee Training Center is pivotal in fostering and dispatching talent and skills crucial to the future of JR Kyushu. With the concept of “Mile Zero, ” the center is positioned as the foundational point for transmitting JR Kyushu’s accumulated history, tradition, and railway expertise into the future. It aims to create an educational environment suitable for cultivating individuals and challenging them to learn, focusing on three main pillars: “developing people, ” “carrying forward the DNA, ” and “establishing a sustainable educational setting.” The center has been proactive in integrating both passive and active technological approaches, such as natural ventilation and a ground-source heat system, earning it the distinction of being the first JR Kyushu building to receive ZEB Ready certification as an environmentally considerate construction. By making the natural ventilation system interactive, it fosters a setup where energy-saving practices can be collectively experienced. The building’s interior and exterior, including the landscape design, incorporate historical elements by reusing 130-year-old bricks and rails from the demolished Orio Station, a relic of Kyushu’s railway history. This reuse is a symbolic gesture, showcasing the commitment to preserving and connecting historical and traditional values.

Kyushu Railway Company
Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
Designed and Supervised by Yasui & JR Kyushu Consultants Design Joint Venture


Energy Conservation Grand Prize 2022


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