NUCB International House

Nisshin-shi, Aichi

NUCB International House

A floating ring on a green-filled campus

New construction of a dormitory for an international boarding high school, newly established on the Nisshin Campus of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. In conjunction with the renovation of the former Koryo International College building into the new high school building, the dormitory was placed adjacent to the north side of the school in order to create a sense of unity. The circular shape of the dorm building represents a “global circle” with a sense of the future, echoing the gentle curve of the school building. The existing vegetation on the lush green campus was preserved as much as possible, and glass curtain walls were used on the exterior to reflect the surrounding landscape. The lounge and cafeteria are arranged on the first floor, creating abundant common space with high ceilings and large windows integrated with the spacious vestibule and courtyard. The second floor is planned for male students and the third floor for female students. The spacious dorm rooms have a four-person capacity, and can collectively accommodate 262 people. Furthermore, to enable students to experience diverse values in their dorm life, a multi-purpose space is also provided as a place to induce various communication, making the plan suitable as a dormitory of international standards.

Kurimoto Educational Institute
Nisshin-shi, Aichi
Design for execution supervision: Nobuyuki Nomura, Noriyuki Tajima
SS Co., Ltd. Takenori Hikosaka

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