Osaka International Junior High School Osaka International High School

Moriguchi-shi, Osaka

Osaka International Junior High School Osaka International High School

A Place of Learning Through Touching, Feeling, and Thinking

We have created a place for learning where “students can feel, think, and refine their identity” by designing an environment full of opportunities for students to be exposed to others’ ideas, culture, and nature. Centered around the school yard, the school building, special classroom building, and the unique MANABI garden are arranged in an arc to create a chain reaction of learning. The special classroom building is connected to the MANABI garden related to the subject so that the indoor and outdoor spaces can be used for hands-on, experiential learning and become an unforgettable education space for students. The school building connects classrooms of all grades through a common communication space in the form of steps linking the four levels, creating a space where “teaching” and “learning” interact beyond age groups. In addition, the walls of the classrooms, except for the doors, are lined with bookshelves, making the entire pace surrounded by books, a place where students can come into contact with the knowledge of books daily. The bookshelves are flanked by words with passages from the books on their sides, making the common communication space a “knowledge exchange center,” where students explore the books, walk around, and encounter the teachings and activities of others.

Osaka International Educational Institution
Moriguchi-shi, Osaka
SS Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Tsuda

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The 56th SDA Award JIA Award for Excellence, 2022 OSAKA LANDSCAPE AWARD 2023


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