Kyoto University Katsura Library

Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Kyoto University Katsura Library

Adding dynamics to campus / nourishing learning and communication

The new library sits in the central one of the three clusters composing the Kyoto University campus. It invites researchers from inside and outside of the university to socialize and focus on their research activities.

The new collaborative library integrates library rooms formerly separated by subject classification and consists of public learning spaces (open lab, research commons, media creation room) together with open-stack reading room where students and university staff could freely access. The active commons and the tranquil reading room are loosely connected by the atrium space and transparent glass with a feel of each other.

The exterior walls finished in porcelain tiles with exposed concrete and the flat roof design all follow the design code of the existing campus architecture, aimed to harmonize with other buildings to create a beautiful university campus. From the large 28m x 9m glass screen on the east façade, you could enjoy a grand city view of Kyoto, bringing in a comfortable atmosphere within the library. The building mass widely protrudes over the sloping terrain, which expresses the dynamic power and vibe of the new library.

Cultural Facilities
Educational Facilities

Work data

Kyoto University
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Reinforced concrete, partly steel reinforced concrete structure
Number of floors
2 above-ground levels, 2 basement levels
Total Floor Area
September 2019
Building Use
University library
Design (architectural): Yasui Architects and Engineers, Inc.
Design (building services): Techno Koei Co., Ltd.
Design supervision: Waro Kishi
Photo Credit
Shigeo Ogawa
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