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Jul 08, 2022 Technology
Photo : SS Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Tsuda

Renovation 6 Yamamoto Noh Theater, Renovation
The Yamamoto Noh Theater was first built in 1927 in Tanimachi, Osaka. After being destroyed in the bombing of Osaka, in 1950 it became one of the quickest to be rebuilt in the country, with the funds of wealthy merchants of Semba area. Since then, the three-story wooden building with a traditional Noh stage has been kept unchanged in the cityscape. In 2011 it was selected as the first case of the country’s attempt to preserve and utilize registered tangible cultural properties .
Noh theaters in Osaka are said to have served as the community’s social hub. In light of this context, we developed the concept of renovating the oldest wooden Noh theater in Osaka into a social hub open to the local community and aimed to merge the traditional wooden structure with the newest technologies.
We equipped the Noh stage with full-color LED lights. We also newly opened a library and a reference room on the second and the third floor of the backstage. The place is used as a base for promoting traditional performing arts of Kamigata (western Japan) , and from here various actions are being undertaken to hand over Noh to the future generations, such as performance tours for children all over the country, workshops, and collaborative projects with modern art.

WORK PAGE Yamamoto Noh Theater, Renovation

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