Ezaki Glico Head Office

Osaka-shi, Osaka
Ezaki Glico Head Office

Smile & Innovation OFFICE

As a research and development hub inheriting the founder’s “creative ingenuity” philosophy, the gently curving form of the building intends to evoke a volume of ideas and smiles.

Office floors with a central lounge space equipped with an open kitchen and lab floors with circulating track lanes are some efforts to help generate ideas free from stereotypes. These not only provide a comfortable and functional space, but also a creative atmosphere where employees would come up with new ideas from incidental encounters and casual communication. Also, garden office “SORA” becomes part of the workplace, thus providing an even greater creative working environment inside and outside the building.

Office Buildings
Production, Logistics and Research Facilities

Work data

Ezaki Glico Co.,Ltd.
Osaka-shi, Osaka
Steel structure
Number of floors
8 above-ground levels
Total Floor Area
September 2020
Building Use
Office, laboratory
Photo Credit
Kindaikenchiku-sha (Kozan Shimizu)
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