Handa City, Aichi


Creating a New Canal View with a Sustainable Pilot Plant

This facility is a production technology research site designed for prototyping and testing at the actual machine level before scaling up new products for mass production. Located in Handa City, the founding place of Mizkan, the site is situated along Handa Canal, known for its lined black-walled storehouses. Its exterior, with a gabled roof made of Ibushi tiles and black wall paint, harmonizes in both form and color with the nearby existing buildings. The roof is segmented to minimize the imposing effect on the canal side, contributing to the creation of an attractive, new canal landscape that blends seamlessly with the existing structures. For the interior, the facility is planned with high flexibility in mind. This includes a spacious ceiling height adaptable for future alterations, floor materials and load settings chosen in anticipation of future prototype line modifications, and a “Mechanical Corridor” that houses consolidated utility equipment main lines alongside walkways. Additionally, environmental impact is minimized in many ways, such as through the adoption of cool pits and night purge systems, planting trees conducive to the atmospheric environment, establishing a “Rain Garden” to aid in rainwater infiltration and mitigate the heat island effect, and installing solar power panels.

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Handa City, Aichi
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