Tiger Corporation Head Office

Kadoma-shi, Osaka
Tiger Corporation Head Office

New office accelerating innovation

This is a rebuilding project of the Tiger Corporation’s head office to be capable of progressively developing new innovations as a company that would keep evolving for 100, 200 years since its foundation in 1923.

The new head office is comprised of 6 floors: entrance hall, TIGER HALL (event space), company gallery space on the ground floor; cafeteria, open innovation space on the 2nd floor; office space on the 3rd to 5th floor; and conference room area on the 6th floor.

The central atrium that penetrates all 6 floors and an open stairs function to connect all the levels to achieve a consolidated office space. Collaboration area surrounding the atrium attracts employees from different departments to rest and socialize, bringing active communication. Also, by promoting free address working, employees could find their own comfortable space even in the common area on 2nd floor, where new values and ideas are born through interaction.

“Tiger random stripes”, resembling a powerfully sprinting tiger, are thoroughly distributed in the exterior/interior design, whereas the atrium’s horizontal louver expresses the layering of culture and history of the company, both helping the new office be a symbol of the company.

Office Buildings
The 34th Nikkei New Office Awards

Work data

Tiger Corporation
Kadoma-shi, Osaka
Steel structure
Number of floors
6 above-ground levels
Total Floor Area
August 2020
Building Use
Photo Credit
Toshiya Chimura, Kindaikenchiku-sha (Kozan Shimizu), SS Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Tsuda
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