Profile of Yasui Architects & Engineers

For over 20 years, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. has been ranked among the top 8 high revenue architectural firms in Japan, as shown by Nikkei Architecture Magazine. World architecture magazines, as well, have listed Yasui as a large architectural firm.

Our goal of architectural design process is to “encourage people through architecture.”
Yoshihiko Sano (1954- ), president & principal architect, guarantees quality of design and
quality of design process for society, clients and all of the people.

Currently, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. has an active staff of 337, including 188 registered architects. Three major offices, Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya can provides complete service includes architectural design and engineering.

Ongoing activities extend abroad to China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and the Netherlands. Moreover, our works can be appreciated at the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Australia, North America, Italy, France, and Great Britain.

History of the firm

Yasui Architects & Engineers was established in 1924 by Takeo Yasui (1884-1955). After graduating from the architectural department of Tokyo University, Yasui started his professional career in Manchuria (current Liaoning province, China) in 1910. As an architect and engineer of the Manchurian Railroad co., he designed many important buildings at Dalian and other cities. Several of these buildings remain functional, a testimony to the excellence of their design and construction. After a successful practice
abroad, Yasui relocated to Osaka and joined the architectural firm of Yasushi Kataoka in 1920.

The character of Yasui’s design was acknowledged by himself as “free-style”. In the age of modernism, Yasui developed “Japanese-style modernism” through projects like the Osaka Club Building (1924), the Osaka Gas Building (Osaka Gas headquarters, 1933) and the Nihonbashi Nomura Building (Nomura Securities headquarters, 1930). All of these buildings are still in active use, representing Yasui’s design ethos.

Yasui’s corporate capability was empowered by Shoichi Sano (1921-2014) after World War II. Sano developed new architecture types in Japan, as made evident by projects such as the Suntory Hall (1986), a railway station building series (1960-70s) and the Osaka International Airport (Itami, 1969).


Yasui Architects & Engineers,Inc. has been making full use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) as a fundamental tool of business since 2007.
BIM is not limited to use for design work. It is much more effective in communication tool among architect, client and society. We believe BIM will guide architect and every professionals in building process to new success. BIM as distinguished hero opens the big future.
Through almost 90 years history, Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. has been attaching importance to quality-based design. It is based on information integration of design and engineering, appropriate operation of project delivery and high level of design. It will bring about desirable solution of urban issues.
We believe “good design” comes from “good process control”. Appropriate and complete integration of building information lead society to best form.


  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Equipment Engineering, Energy Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning and Landscape Design
  • Urban planning, Regional Design
  • Consulting, Due Diligence
  • Construction Management, Property Management, Facility Management
  • Computer Rendering/3D Capability
  • Community Outreach