Yasui Architects & Engineers

Encouraging people and cities

Yasui Architects & Engineers materializes what clients and society need in the most appropriate ways through highly reliable professional approaches to architectural
creation developed through our long history from the beginning to today.
We believe that architecture in its embodied forms and processes developed inside them will enrich communities and societies and encourage people. With such a hope in our minds, we continue to work closely with people and society, while contributing to the future.



We aim to provide valuable solutions that are based on the experience and knowledge we accumulated through building design and supervision, and draw on our network of experts in various fields. We offer proposals that satisfy our clients with all aspects of design, technology, maintenance, cost planning, and more.



Suntory Hall

Minato-ku, Tokyo Passing Value to the Next Generation

Suntory Hall, which opened in October 1986 in pursuit of “the world’s most beautiful reverberation,” was the first hall built in Japan in the vineyard style, based on the advice of the conductor, the late Herbert von Karajan. He said that “Music is made when the performers and the public come together and enjoy it with shared delight.” Since then, Suntor […]


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