Inspiring People,
Vitalizing Cities

Moving into 101st Year of Design that Connects

Transforming airports, stations and harbors into safe, comfortable spaces.
Designing schools where learning and creativity thrive.
Curating office spaces that balance work with everyday life.
Creating homes for cultural activities, where art meets society.
And reimagining stadiums so that everyone can be entertained.

Yasui Architects & Engineers’ designs connect people, places, and events through architecture.
Like a tree spreading its branches over time, bridging the past, present, and future, over the years, we have worked to create architecture that lives, and grows, in harmony with its environment.

As we approach our company’s 100th anniversary, we reflect on who we are and why we exist — which, at its core, is to bring new energy and inspiration to people and communities.

We want to learn from our history and what we’ve achieved so far — and use it to shape our future.
And we have a century’s worth of knowledge and experience to draw from.
Our 101st year marks the beginning of a new era of design that bridges and connects.

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At Yasui Architects & Engineers,

we are guided by five “connections”

Connection between PEOPLE and DESIGN

bringing revitalized energy to everyday living.

Connection between ARCHITECTURE and CITIES

inspiring communities and local people.

Connection between TECHNOLOGY and the ENVIRONMENT

innovating to create a more sustainable world.

Connections that BUILD TRUST

with governments, communities and within our own teams.

Connection between the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE

preserving historical and cultural heritage; using past knowledge to design a better future.



With passion
and enthusiasm

Architecture, rich with nature’s wisdom, is a design form that embodies human history and innovation. No architectural piece looks like another, but all share the same beginning — human aspiration. As this ambition comes to life, it evolves beyond the individual into a place where people connect and grow; bringing new energy and vitality to communities and society.

It could be said that architecture is a product of human conversation and creativity. It exists because of us and for us. It is what we believe at Yasui Architects & Engineers, and is a guiding principle that will carry us forward into our next chapter.

While we can no longer hear the architects’ voices of 100 years ago, we can feel their intentions through their work, stand in front of it, be inspired by it and have the privilege of building on the knowledge passed down to us.

Like those before us, our path may seem straightforward, but every step and every challenge has been met with passion and precision. Even as we celebrate our 100-year anniversary, I know this is only at the beginning of our story. We will continue towards the future that awaits us with a vibrant, youthful enthusiasm, and look forward to sharing our journey and adventures with you in the years to come.

Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.
President & CEO

Yoshihiko Sano